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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 18, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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right now, police are searching for the driver that struck two teenagers riding on a motor scooter early this morning in rockville. one person is dead this morning after a truck carrying beer ovturned on the beltway. crews are still trying to clear the wreckage. and getting under way this rning, the trial of chandra levy's accused killer nine years after the intern's body was found in rock creek park. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone, and welcome to "new4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, october 18th, 2010.
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two teens are in the hospital after they were hit while riding a motor scooter. police are calling it a hit-and-run and are looking for the driver of the car responsible. it happened in the 2700 block of veirs mill road. tracee wilkins has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. literally just an ur ago they reopened both sides of veirs mill road. it was closed for most of the morning rush due to this investigation. at this point,he 16-year-old is still critical and the 19-year-old still serious as police search for the driver responsible for this hit-anrun. this morning in rockville, traffic was backed up for miles. investigators continued their investigation into this morning's hit-and-run accident in the eastbound lane. >> total backup. >> reporter: the 12700 block of veirs mill road in rockville was
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scattered with debris after a violent hit-and-run accident that happened around midnight. >> we were called to the scene a personal injury collision that was a hit-and-run. arriving officers were directd to the two teenage victims, a 16- and 19-year-old male. >> reporter: police say according to witnesses a silver two-door mercedes hit a motor scooter from behind and at some point dragged it for about a block. the driver then took off and headed eastbound on veirs mill road. >> right now this is a personal injury collision. we're not assigning blame or error at this point. now is the time for this male driver come forward and let us know his side of the story. >> reporter: the police are hoping that in the daylight all of this will come into focus. somebody maybe saw the car or are seeing it now and will be able to report the information to police. a two-door mercedes, tinted windows damaged most likely to the front end and also possibly th windshield as well going eastbound on veirs mill road from rockville to wheaton.
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in rockville, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thank u, tracee. one person is dead and another seriously injured after a hor terrific crash on the beltway this morning. it happened around 5:00 on the inner loop of 495. traffic came to a standstill has police shut down the inner loop between old georgetown road and rockville pike for most of the morning. megan mcgrath reports from the crash site where some traffic is now getting by. >> reporter: this was just a horrible accident that really snarled rush hour this morning. hours after it could ham, you could still see the rubbernecking delays on the outer loop of the beltway. this happened at a terrible time in terms of the rush hour just as traffic was starting to pick up on the beltway. a tractor-trailer carrying beer collided with a carand the truck flipped over. kegs of beer lay along the side of the road. the tractor-trailer carrying a load of sam adams landed on it side. the front cab went up the
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embankment and into a cluster of trees. the driver of the rig was killed. the inner loop of the belly was shut down at the 270 split, and it didn't take long for total gridlock to set in. e backup went for miles, not just on the inner loop but on the outer loop, as well, thanks to rubbernecking. rush hour was a complete mess. >> oh, it was rough, real rough. >> took me about -- i'd say about an hour just to get here from annandale, so crazy. >> reporter: are you late for work? >> i am late for work. >> reporter: how late? >> 30 minutes. >> reporter: not a good y. >> not a good day. >> i tried to get off exit 36 and that took, like, 15 minutes and it was only one-fourth of a mile away. that's terble. >> reporter: it happened at around 4:30 in the morning on the inner loop just prior to old georgetown road. the tractor-trair collided with a red honda. both vehicles were badly damaged and left the roadway. just who was at fault is still
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unclear. the driver of the car was taken to an area hospital in critical condition. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. in montgomery county, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> we'll check on the midy traffic now after a really tough morning out there. jerry edwards, how is it looking now? barbara, good morning to u. gorge, everyone. we have additional lanes open on the beltway at the scene of the tractor-trailer accident. this is the inner loop at the accident scene between the 270 spur and old georgetown road. two lanes are getting by, but unfortunately that's not enough to leviate the delays which are still at this hour substantial. we'll pull back and go to northern virginia, show you what it looks like on the beltway. it's clearing up just a little bit. beltway deys will begin just above route 7. that's better than it was, believe it or not. on the inner loop, just above route 7 to the accident scene, there were a series of
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accidents, including a truck. we're far from done with this. all the major roadways trying to get onto the inner loop are severely jammed as is the outer loop during the rubbernecking. we'll kp you updated. back to you. weave a traffic alert for drivers in the district this midday. a water main break from friday night is still giving commuters headache near the national mall. constitution avenue is closed westbound between 9th and 12th streets in northwest d.c., tenth stet between constitution and pennsylvania is also closed. the 24-inch main has been repaired but repaving the roadway has taken longer than expect. crews are expected to work throughout the day to repair that street. and let's take a look outside. actually nice day aside from the mad problems of the commute, a wonderful day to wake up to, 64 degrees right now. tom is here to tell us if we can expect the sunshine last. good morning, happy monday >> more sunshine as we have clouds on the increase moving in
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from the west. we have a front that will be moving our way and likely give us some rain herey tomorrow. right now looking at the temperatures, it's finally climbing into the 60s. it's quite a chilly morning. we were in the 40s and 50s for the last five or six hours but now just beginning to climb into the 60s. it's 63 at national airport. elsewhere on the eastern shore low 60s to mid-60s in southern virginia and many the mountains of western maryland and west virginia, where it was in the upper 30s this morning, there now climbing into the 50s. over the last 12 how shaurs we' seen the clouds on the increase from the midwest as we have that front producing some rain over southern michigan, northern ohio. that will drift down our way late tonight. for the rest of the afternoon, it should mostly cloudy but mild. afternoon highs climbing into the upper 60s to near 70. we'll have a light wind variable to around 5 to 10 mil per hour. by dawtomorrow, looks like light rain will move the tomorrow morning, and the
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forecast for the rest of the week and the weekend in just a few minutes. three days of searching to find a missing fairfax county woman have turned into a recovery operation in the occoquan reservoir. she disappeared while training for a regatta at sandy run park. her boat was found a few miles downstream. crews are searching the water and nd with dogs trained to pick up human scents. friends say she was an experienced rower. >> she just loved rowing, and she was working this season on row being 3,000 miles. thatas her goal. >> she was extremely fit, very generous. she would do anything to help anybody. i would say all ages, both sexes, everybo adored her. >> the missing woman was scheduled to race in a regatta sterday at sandy run rional park. jury selection is under way in the chandra levy murder
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trial. it comes nine years after the intern's body was found in rock creek park. investigators believe she was attacked while out jogging. they say there is no dna evidence connecting the defendant to chandra levy but witnses are expected to say he attacked her. he is also convicted of attacking two other women in rock creek park at the same time levy'sody was found. president obama hosts the white house science fair today before getting back on the campaign trail. we'll look at how the president and first lady are trying to enerze voters ahead of the election. plus, some o the freed miners in chile return to the mine where they were trapped for mo than two months. and another frenzied end to another redskins game. this time the outcome is not so positive.
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the polls open for ear voting in the district on fourth street northwest open until 7:00 p.m. this evening. then starting this coming saturday, october 23rd, four more earl voting sites will open. voters can cast their ball lots for d.c. mayor, council chair and federal seattles on the d.c. council. early voting is al under way in a number of states right now as republicans are feeling optimistic about the upcoming midterm elections. t democrats are still working hard to maintain their corol of both houses of congress, and they've brought in a secret weapon.
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nbc's tracie potts has t story from capitol hill. >> can we do this? >> yes, we can! >> can we do this? >> reporter: democrats have pulled out what they hope to be their wild card, michelle obama. >> this is a serious moment for our country. there is so much at stake. >> reporter: their first joint campaign appearance since 2008, a rally of 35,000 in ohio where their party senate nominee is trailing by double digits. >> let's be honest. this is a difficult election. th is hard. >> reporter: the president's message? republicans look out for big business. we look out for you. >> that's the choice in this election. that's what we're fighting for. >> reporter: those choices are already being made in states like nevada where early voted this weekend. >> it will be about job, spending and debt, pretty much that simple. >> a rejection of an agenda that scares people. the health care bill, the
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financial regulation, all the spending was not what people expected from this presiden >> reporter: republicans riding the wave of economic uncertainty. democrats trying to recapture the spirit a success of 08. but a new associated press poll shows a quarter of those who voted for obama two years ago planned to vote republican this time. tracie potts,bc news, washington. meanwhile, the argument against president obama's health care plan goes to court in virgia today as officials from the state's attorney general's office will challenge the constitutionality of the recently passed bill. ken cuche nelly's office will argue a provision of the new law requiring almost all americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. earlier this year, he successfully argued against the federal government's motion to dismiss the suit and so now the case is being heard. this comes just a few days after a u.s. district judge ruled in florida that a case involving 20 other attorneys general is a legitimate lawsuit challenging the health care reform bill.
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one man rescued from a chilean mine remains in the hospital this morning. some of the rescued miners attended a private religious service yesterday. the service was held at the site where the 33 miners were trapped under ground for 69 days and then rescued, of course, last week. they were joined by families d friends at the ceremony led by clergy from different religions. during the ceremony, people clapped and sang religious hymns. tom joins us now to talk about our beautiful day we have out there with hope that it's going to last. tom? >> we had a fabulous weekend. >> sure did. >> this time of year, those types of weather do not last long, as we do notice changes coming into tharea from the west as we have clouds thicning up. that's the live view from the skywatcher camera toward the west. american university parkthe trees will showing autumn color. at national airport it's a
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comfortable 63 d it's dry. weot a light northeasterly breeze with a variable wind but some good color beginning to show up as we look at the latest foage report in western maryland and parts of northern west virginia. the color is near peak there, but it's been so dry, the color is rather muted this year and many of the leaves are just sort of drying up and falling off there. around the blue ridge,there's some col toe thoe showing up around the blue ridge to the shenandoah valley, but from the blue ridge east, south mntain east, you're ten days to two weeks away from seeing color and it is past peak in northern new england now. on the region, near 60 degrees as the sunshine is beginning to be to blit blit rated by the cloud cover. we're not going to warm up a lot more, perhaps, ju another three or four degrees for the high by late they are afternor
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high by late they are afrno thi. tempatures have hit the mid-60s on the eastern shore. carolinas near 70 now. northwest, chilly this morning. western maryland and parts of west virgia dipped into the upper 30s. there it's just into the chilly 50s now and we'll probably only hit near 60 for a high later today. over the last 12 hours we've seen this cloud cover on the increase coming fr the midwest. we have a front that is moving into northern ohio, northwestern pennsylvania. that will drift down our way likely giving us some rain tomorrow morning. look at this. this is a phograph taken in norway and tonight that is going to bthe subject of a lecture at the smithsonian national museum of the americanindian. there will be some really amazing videos and photos of the northern lights, the aurora borealis, and the lecture discusses the interaction of solar energy with the earth's upper atmosphere. should be fascinating. tonight, 6:45 to 9:00. there is a charge for that. as we take a look at the wider
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view showing what's been happening over the last 24 hours, that area of color in blue, light rain, northwest pennsylvania through southern michigan, northwest indiana. that is going to drift down our way here and as a result the afternoon is going to be mostly cloudy but a bit on the mild side. we should make it into the upper 60s to perhaps near 70. the high temperatures around southern maryland, northern neck, and around the bay, but off to the west it will likely stay in the 60s for the rest of the day. a light, variable wind. tonight should be cloudy and tomorrow temperature by dawn temperatures near 50 degrees. as we get into the nextup dales, my computer is deciding to act up, and we will have our temperatures warming back up perhaps intohe upper 60s by the end of the week. but we will likely get some showers as we do get into tomorrow morning and then again on wednesday. but by the end of the week we'll dry out. friday, saturday, and sunday is looking better as we'll have highs near 60 with sunshine back on friday,saturday, and sunday
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and into the weekend. so that is the way it looks right now. we do have some typical fall temperatures on the way. and we wl have that autumn color continuing to go as we get toward the end of the week and the weekend. again, i think we're still ten days to two weeks away to seeing the the peak autumn color showg up right around here, arnold our region, but it's already looking quite beautiful, just about 40 miles to our west and into the ountains. >> it does seem like halloween is always our time for peak. >> it usually is, right at the end of october. >> we'll wait for tha we'll check the midday traffic again now. jerry, any better out there? unfortunately, not really. we have hope, but i tell you, it's been tough for theast six, seven hours. let's ad on over and check. northbound 95, a new problem with an accident right before you get to the capital beltway. police are on the scene dealing with that. that's 95 in virginia headed north to springfield, traffic
11:20 am
blocking up because of that accident. more trouble there. on the beltway in maryland, inner loop of the beltway, left side of your screen, you'll find delays beginning well back in virginia around tyson's corner, crling inner loop from tysons around to overturned truck accident. still have only two lanes getting by, inner loop between the i-270 spur and old georgetown road. authorities are working feverishly to try to get everything cleaned up and reopened f this afternoon's rush hour. back to you, barbara. jerry, thank you. 11:20 is the time right now. still ahead on "news 4 midday," a pop star invtigation. why police are looking into an altercation involving justin bieber. plus, new guidelines are out th morning for doing cpr. we'll ve details of that. and meet a set of triplets from friday rick, maryland, who have already made their movie debut. it's fall. so you know what to do, right?
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according to reports coming from canada today, teen superstar justin bieber has been the victim of a bully. a site says the singer pushed the 12-year-old boy at a laser tag sfalt. this apparently happened after
11:24 am
the kid provoked bieber and called him a homophobic name. the boy's father filed a assault complaint against the 16-year-old nger. the canadian news says they're questioning witnesses. police haven't released any names since the kids involved are all under age. close but no cigar for the redskins. peyton manning was just too much for the skins' defense on "sunday night football." the all-o quarterback threw for more than 300 yards and two scores as the colts held off washington by a score of 224. donovan mcnabb threw for a touchdown and two interceptions in the loss but one bright spot was backup running back ryan terrain, who ran for 100 yards and two touchdowns. after the game, defensive leader london fletcher talked about the team's missed chances. >> the game-changing-type plays as far as the take-aways we could have had, especially early in the football game. you know, you steal possessions.
11:25 am
they end up with about 13 points in those opportunities we dropped the interception you can't gave good offense like the colts that many chances. >> the loss drops the redskins to 3-3, third in the nfc east behind philadelphia and the giants. xt up for the skins, a matchup against the chicago bears in the windy city. >> and the redskins' offense might be without one of their offensive leaders in chicago. tight end chris cooley left last night's game with a concussion, we undetand. team officials aren't sure exactly when cley suffered that concussion but believe it happened in the second half of the game. it is 25 minutes afte 11:00 now. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," terror warning. the new information coming from saudi arabia intelligence seices. plus, it's opening day. the georgetown library reopens 3 1/2 years after a fire gutted the historic building. and tom kierein will be back with a cooler week ahead with
11:26 am
rain in the forecast, too. stay wh us.
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right now, montgomery county are looking for a silver mercedes believed to be involved in a hit-and-run with a motor scooter that seriously injured two teens.
11:29 am
the crash happed on veirs mill road in rockville around midnight. the victims are 16- and 19 years old. one person i dead and another seriously injured after an accident on the beltway. a tractor-trailer carrying beer flipped afr colliding with a car. old georgetown road and rockville pike's inner loop has been shut down all morning. jury selection isunder way in the chandra levy murder trial. it comes nine years after the intern's body was found in rock creek park. investigators believe ingmar guandique attacked the d.c. intern while she was jogging. there is no evidence connecting guandique to levy, t witnesses are expected to testify that guandique admitted to killing her. well, if you have travel plans to europe anytime soon, be advised there is new information aba heightened reat of terrorism, this time in france. news 4's kimberly suiters is in the newsroom monitoring the latest information. kimberly, is is the warning any
11:30 am
different from the tvel alert for americans in all of europe? >> it is, barbara. the general warning is still in place for those americans traveling to europe, but this warning is more ecific. it appears france may be the next target. first it's worth a reminder. homeland security reports the national threat level is elevated or yellow for all domestic and international flights. the u.s. threat level is high, at orange. now, back to this more specific threat in france, security around high-profile tourist destinations like the eiffel tower have been increased. a french oicial calls it a real threat from al qaeda. the french interior minister says saudi intelligence services warn them first of a potential attack. he's also confirmed that information with the u.s. homeland security secretary. the threat may be coming from a group called aqap. that's al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the region they typically strike. one very notable exception we all remember, aqap was behind that failed christmas day bomb
11:31 am
attempt on northwest flight 253 as it approached detroit. it is considered one of the most active terrori organizations at the moment. >> aqap was always a threat within the arabian peninsula, but because of flig253 they now believe aqap can project power, as they say, inside europe and certainly want to get in the united states. we have al qaeda central being a serious threat in europe and now aqap protecting a potential threat in europe andther streams of threat reporting that u.s. and western intelligence officials are concerned about as well. it paints a grim picture but it's one that law eorcement and the inlligence community is on top of. >> that's right. and the french minister also cautioned, quote, we must not overestimate the threat or underestimate it. that's a delicate balance. american tourists deserve to be armed with all the information to remain vigilant. it is so easy to let your guard
11:32 am
down when you're awed by sights like the eiffel tower. back to you. >> thank you, kimberly. the hunt connues for osama bin laden and now a senior nato official says he's living in a home in northwest pakistan. he wt on to dispel a widespread intelligence report about bin laden saying nobody in al qaeda is living in a cave. theofficial, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the report, said bin laden has moved multiple times recently. despite the report, pakistan has denied ptecting members of al qaeda. federal workers are seeing an increasingly negative light according to a new "washington post" poll. 52% of americans say government employees are overpaid and over a third of u.s. citizens think they are underqualified when compared with their private sector parts. but when it comes to working with federal employee, 73% say they have had a positive
11:33 am
experience. tom kierein joins us now. interesting story about federal workers, all of whom watch us everymorning. >> that's right. here as we've seen the color changing here around our region, warm, sunny afternoons over the weekend and clear, ol nights. this morning we started off cool and clear but the clouds have closed in. that's the live view from our city camera. the forecast today up near 70 degrees with a cloudy afternoon, cloudy tonight, light rain li likely into tomorrow morning, more showers on wednesday and friday it appears we'll have a partly cloudy sky and thursday around 60 degrees partly cloudy as well. it wl be near 60 again on saturday with morning mow lowes in the 40s. sunday should be back into the mid-60s with morning lows in the 40s. it looks like a pleasant pattn but a cooler trend as we get toward the end the week and into the weekend as we've got a large area of high pressure that will begin to move in by the end of the week. so just a chance for some
11:34 am
much-needed rain tomorrow morning and again on wednesday, but it does appear it will be dry thursday, friday, saturday, and nday and each day quite cool in the morning from the 40s to afternoon highs arnold the 60s. that will be good. autumn foliage color should continue to grow aswe get toward the weekend. barbara? >> thank you, tom. a 25-year-old man is accused of killing an off-duty baltimore lice officer apparently over a parking space. detective brn stevenson died after being struck in the head with a rock during the confrontation in a nightclub parking lot. seanames has been charged with first-degree murder in the slaying. skwlams fled the scene after throwing the rock and was found several hours later at anoth nightclub. stevenson was out with a friend celebrating his birthday athe time. the baltimore police xhiser says it's a huge loss to the city. >> the city loses and we're losing a fantastic detectiv whose works have made people safe in thiscity.
11:35 am
to lose his life in this manner is just senseless. senseless. >> detective stevenson would have turned 38 on sunday. he was an 18-year veteran of the baltimore force. a bridge in albemarle county in virginia honors the life of a virginia tech student who disappeared one year ago. the parents oforgan harringt dedicated a plaque to their dahter at the site today. it sit where is the 20-year-old was last seen alive. harrington left a metallica concert in chaottesville last october. her remains were iscovered three months later on a farm several miles away. police have yet to make any arrests in this case. today the georgetown library is open 3 1/2 years after a fire gutted the library. large portionsf the collections were lost in that blaze, but new books line the shelves today and state-of-the-art facility includes 40 new computers. librarian jenny cooper says she
11:36 am
hopes resident will enjoy the new additions to this 75-year-old land mark. >> i hope th will still recognize the library they have loved. many people tell me that they used this library when they were chdren and they're still very happy to be here now. >> the library will hold a grand reopening party this weekend. d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee is putting in a last word on education reform in the district. rhee and adrian fenty wrote an open letter to "the washington post" this weekend expecting their views to be stated. we've fought for d.c. schools. noit's up to you. it reads in part, we have laid a foundation, but the hardest steps are yet to come. we reach out today to ask the entire community to embrace the school reform effort in e months and years ahead. if we collectively support gray, his staff and the d.c. team wi all the will and energy we can summ, there will be no
11:37 am
stopping d.c. school children. we'll check the midday traffic for you. we've had a lot of problems this morning, jerry. an accident now i-95 northbound approaching the beltway in sprinield right at the decision poin either go 395 or to the far right side of your screen. that would be the exit to go to the inner loop of the capital beltway up to tyson's corner. right now at the accident scene, one far left lane gets by. a couple of lanes will get by to the right. as a result we're looking at the delays northbound of newington to springfield. let's head over to maryland and the inner loop of the bellway, left side of your screen crawling, across the american legion bridge again on the inner loop after the exit for the i-270 spur. work continues on theoverturned tractor-trler. only two lanes are getting by. barbara? >> thank you, jerry. domestic violence is at an all-time high this year e to the increase in financial stress in many families.
11:38 am
the nonprofit group second chance employment services is is experiencing a rapid inease in clients seeking help. dr. rudy green, the founder of second chance employment, joins thus morning to talk about the increase in clients anwhat you're doing to help. welcome. >> thank you, barbara. >> do you know how long it's been since you were here? >> about 15 years ago when i started being an activist. >> you were an activist, then started this employment service and then we felt like we kin of helped you get started. >> you did. >> tell us about the big problem. >> normally it would take five to ten victims a week. currently we have between 25 to 40 intakes. this is a real concern and it's due the economy because the poverty has increased from 13.2%, according to the ken us is figures, and right now it's 15%. that means 1 in 7 americans are in economic hardship. >> so many women are returning to the workforce. >> they are, to help their families. and also, you know, many of the
11:39 am
men du to the situation, ended up ishelters, become part of thwelfare to work programs. >> and many of these are african-american women and hispanic women. many without the training to go -- to look for jobs that they need to have right now. >> believe it or not, many people have worked before, 15, years before they decided to be stay-at-home moms and take care of the family. >> tell us what you're doing at second chance. >> we are the only employment agent is sni the united states for domestic violence. we still are. we're still helping women from these situations. we're reaching out to lawyers and help us employ them as fast as they can, meaningful careers, long-term careers. we provide meaningful salary to the women. $15 plus benefits and that's our target for the d.c. area. that's the median am they can
11:40 am
survive with. >> and you do training, as well. >> indeed. we have wonderful people who help out in the meantime. you know, for example we have computer training programs. we have wonderful companies providing us pro bono services. we also provide them the looks, the grooming, and crystal salon helps them look topnotch on the interview. they're perfectly wonderful so they can get the job. >> and clothing. >> we have also groups like macy's and bloomingdales, very generous, two suits per client when needed. >> of course the psychological problems many of them have, having been abused, you have to address that at all. >> a doctor from georgetown, a wonderful psychologist who has helped us get the ladies back to the workforce. we he so many people in the community to thank for. >> if there are viewers who would like to be of some help? >> something is very important. understand the victims of
11:41 am
violence are regular people. anybody can be a victim of violence. they cannot think they're people who won't perform. they perform sometimes much better than regular people because they have gone through so much pain, so many hardships and right now we're giving them a second chance in their life. become a job partner. help us choose a client and change our life and community. >> if we have any employers out there who might just have a job for one of these women or maybe a few -- >> yes. >> we'd like for them to listen and callus. call us. 202-331-7451 or our website, scsnet.o >> always grt to see you. after 16 years you're doing wonderful work here in the nation's capital. >> thank you so much, barbara. god bless yo >> it is 11:41. still ahead on "news 4 midday," stocks ended the week on a mixed note. how they're trading this morning. and the local triplets are sharing thspotlight on the big screen. you'll meet them.
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facebook is in trouble again, this time for breaking its own rules. according to "the wall street journal," many of the site's most popular applications are sharing personally identifiable information with advertising and internet tracking companies going ainst facebook's own privacy policy. the apps are providing access to
11:45 am
users' names and sometimes their friends to at least 25 data and advertising firms. facebook is taking steps to dramatically limit exposure to users' personal information to those advertising firms. and industrial production in september, manufacturing sales cooled down. let's check in wit cnbc's courtney reagan. good morning. how are you this morning? >> hi. good morning to you, barbara. stocks are looking okay. the dow is up about 35 points or so, the ndaq struggling just a bit. we're in t red only light sleightly kicking off this trading week. europe mexed but i would say largely read. it is a big week for earnings. 13 dow components and a fifth of the s&p 500 index all reporting. cigroup reports their third-quarter profitf seven cents a share, one cent above analyst estimates. we hear from apple and ibm this afternoon. those are two biggies. expect that to move the market
11:46 am
tomorrow. several central bankers speak this week act ways to ju-start the economy. and more airlines are reducing or eliminating first-class seats all together as customers seek cheaper fares. airtran is getting rid of first class all together when it merges with southwest. southwest is, in fact, never had first or business class. united has been revamping its long haul flight since 2007, reducing and improving business class seats. there's speculation united could dump first class when it merges with continental, which only has business and coach seats. t average age of u.s. vehicles, and this surprised me, is 10.2 years. that's up 21% since e mid-90s. americans are drivingmore, creating the need for more repairs. gm, ford and chrysler shut down hundreds of dealers so drivers are having to turn to independent mechanics rather than doing the repairs themselves ls.
11:47 am
admittedly, that makes me a little nervous. i hope you know what you're doing out there. back to you, barbara. >> i agree. thanks so much. see you tomorrow. have a great day. >> you too. a set of tiplets from frederick, maryland, are enjoying success. lexi, brook, and brinn are in "life as we eno it." the triplets and their mom join us to talk act the experience. maybe you can introduce the girls to us. we have them all here, all in pink. >> brynn at the end. can you say hi? >> hey, brynn. hi hi. there she is. >> can you say hi? >> hi. okay. >> and lexi. can you say hi? >> hi, lexi. they're all going to be busy while you talk to me about the movie. how were they chosen to be in the movie? >> warner brothers had a nationwide casting call for identical twins 15 to 18 months,
11:48 am
because we did this last year, and we went on a casting call and got a call back and d -- >> theylucked out because they got triplets. >> an extra one. >> explain to th audience why more than one 18-month-old to star in a movie like this. >> there are really strict laboring laws at this age so they're only allowed on set r so many minutes per day. so having twins or triplets doubles or triples the filming time you can do. >> where did you go? >> we were in atlanta for three months >>o you know which baby it was in the picture? >> that's brook. >> in that scene. how adorable they are. they are identical triplets. >> identical triplets. >> how rare is that? >> everywhere you read they say something different, but very rare. we were just trng for one more and got three. >> do you have other children?
11:49 am
>> they have an older sister, hanna, who's 6. >> she's at school today. >> s's at scho. >> how does she feel about having the movie stars in the house? >> i think it depends on the moment, but she's done wellith it. she had a small part in t movie, as well, so she was included which was nice. >> and that stayed in the movie. >> it stayed in the movie. >> that's fantastic. do you have more plans for more movies or no children? >> no more children. more movies, we just take it one day at a time. that's the only way we can, just get through each day. >> i wonder if we can -- is that lexi on the end? >> this is lexi. can you sfwhaef. >> everybody is miked so you can talk. brook on the end? >> brynn on the end. >> i've got them confused. >> can you wave? >> brynn, hi. what's your name? >> lexi. >> you are lexi. i think she was trying to say it. everybody is by coloring, and just what they did in between shoots when they were on the set. >> we had a really nice play
11:50 am
room and they just kept busy. well, they were very busy. >> do you think they have any memory of that experience? >> they recognize themselves on tv, so i think they do remember bits of it. but was a year ago. >> last week w had a visit from one of the stars of the movie who was in the movie. i think -- do we have a picture of that? maybe they mightrecognize that star. i don't know who it was, actually, myself. we don't? okay. thought we mighhave had a picture. i think it's been long enough, they probably have forgotten. >> they actually saw josh last week in d.c. he was here filming. and he got togethering with the girls and ey had a really good time. they do remember them. >> oh, fantastic. well, girls, thank you for coming. >> can you say bye? >> we're so happy that you took the time to come and see us today. what are you going to do this afternoon? no plans yet? >> play. >> wl, is isn't it nice that they all have each other to play
11:51 am
with. you don't have to have play groups or anything. >> constant play companions. thanks for having us. >> lexi, brynn, and brooke. >> yep. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks. >> our time right n is 11:50. coming up, new guidelines for cpr, plus meteorologist tom kierein will bback with another check of the forecast. lar today, actress sally field stops by the nate berkus sow to talk about life as an emy nester. that's this afternoon at 2:00. [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
new guidelines are out for doing cpr. the amecan heart association recommends with starting with chest compressionso keep the blood pumping, then switching to mouth to mouth breathing. it's the first change in 40 ars. nbc's erica edwards reports. >>two, three, four. >> reporter: the american heart association is breathing new life into its cpr guidelines by taking the focus away from breathing and putting it squarely in the middle of the victim's chest. >> the focus of compressions actually has been evolving oer the last couple of years. >> reporte evidence that chest compressions are most beneficial during cpr has been mounting. just last week, a review of research found hrt attack patients do better when the rescuers skip those rescue
11:55 am
breaths and do only chest compressions. now the american heart association is changing the way it does cpr, flip-flopping breathing and chest compressions and puttinghe priority on keeping the chest pumping. >> you're squeezing that person's heart, getting that blood to the brain, keeping the vital organs away. >> reporter: doing the old check and airway takes too much time. start with chest compressions, then switch to breathing. in an emergency, even those who have had no formal training should simply push hard and fast on the center of the patient's chest. >> most rescuers are a little tim duncan, can hurt this person. the fact is when someone is in cardiac arrest, you can do them no harm. >> reporter: but you can give them a chance of survival. >> cpr is taught by american heart instructors. new course materials where r in production now and will be available next year. let's take a look at some of the stories we'll follow this
11:56 am
afternoon. we have a preview of things to come. >> good morning, barbara. today we'll follow developments in that deadly accident that's impacting traffic around the beltway because the lanes are still closed. we'll have a full report on what happened to pop star justin bier while he was out having fun with a few friends. and we'll tell you about a new way to fly that comes with a warning to air passengers to keep your clothes . then tonight on news 4 at 5:00, fighting foodborne illnesses. liz crenshaw tells us how to keep our familiesafe and your kitchen germs at bay new tonight starting on news 4 at 4:00. see you then, barbara. >> can't wait to hear some of those stories. thank you, pat. a final check on our forecast with tom kierein. >> quite a bit sun this morning but high clouds are beginning to move in. still enough to light up the monuments in washington.
11:57 am
live view from the city camera. you can see the jferson memorial, the washington monument and the high overcast beginning to thicken up. later this afternoon, we should climb to around 70 degrees. tomorrow morning looks like rain likely and could get some rain again on wednesday, then partly cloudy thursday. ending the week with much cooler weather. in fact, friday, morning lows in the 40s, afternoon highs only near 60 with lots of sunshine and sunny on saturday, morning lows 40s, afternoon highs near 60. and sunday looks to be partly cloudy, perhaps a bit milder. that's the way it looks. we'll see you tomorrow morning. have a good day. >> all right, tom. thank you. finally this dday, a local woman is celebrating quite a milestone. she turns 106 today. known to family and friends as mimi, etta was on on october 19th, 1904. she grew up in the d.c. area and lives in the river terrace neighborhood with her three children.
11:58 am
her family says he loveses enteaining guests and that her mind is sharp and her words are wise. that's "news 4 midday." we thank you for being with us today and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. i'll be here tomorrow morning beginning at 11:00 a.m. with "ns 4 midday," but news before that all through the morning. have a great day.
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